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ERP Solutions
We provide ERP solutions for one of the leading suppliers to the fashion industry

IT Infrastructure and Software support
We provide IT Infrastructure and Software support to one of the leading General Practitioner services in Ireland. The GP service is engaged in mission critical services related to COVID 19 testing and diagnosis.

Services for the Insurance Sector

We provide consultancy, project management and implementation services for the Insurance and Financial Sector clients. The service offerings range from productivity tools to core business applications.

IT equipment
We partner with HW suppliers who stock every possible piece of IT equipment to ensure our client businesses run without any interruption.

Solutionsfor Food & Beverage services
We provide Mobile applications for Food & Beverage and catering businesses ranging from high street restaurants and marque caterers.

Migration to the Cloud Services
During the challenging times due to Covid 19, we have migrated several Legal and Accounting practitioners to cloud services, enabling them to continuously service their clients remotely.

Market Data Analysis Services
We provide market data analysis services to emerging market HNIs and family office clients. We develop research framework for Equities and Mutual Fund analyses.