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cloud Solutions
With Microsoft 365

Many enterprises are looking to move applications and workloads to the cloud by adopting Microsoft Azure and Office 365.

Cloud Solutions for hybrid office and work from home

The cloud is a robust environment that, when utilized in the right way, can enable the digital workplace. Many applications and workloads are interrelated and dependent on one another, but their integration isn’t automatic when moved to the cloud, especially not with an enterprise’s existing backend systems. Companies that address the integration challenge incorrectly or incompletely risk business disruptions.

Why is cloud storage a must-have for small businesses?

Cloud storage for small business is vital for productivity and file security.

Collaboration and Productivity with Microsoft Teams

Get Microsoft Teams for free That’s right, free. As in $0. Work together with features like chat, file sharing, and video calling.
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Remote Work with Microsoft 365

Any Device, Any Place 

Enable your remote work force with Windows 10 on any device.


Collaborate, communicate, and co-edit effortlessly across your entire organization. 

  • Microsoft Teams – A central hub for teamwork, productivity, and collaboration 
  • SharePoint – A collaborative platform for sharing files, information, calendars, and more  
  • Exchange – The gold standard for safe, secure, and compliant email 


Every Place. Every Time. Every Device. 

  • Multifactor Authentication and Conditional Access – Stop hackers before they strike 
  • Data Governance – Total control over your data, no matter where it exists  
  • Compliance – Single pane of glass views of compliance controls 
  • Reporting and Response – Incident level investigations and reporting on threats and breaches 

Cost Effectiveness 

Empower your users with BYOD and thin client solutions. 

  • IT Cost Management – Enable secure inter-departmental and cross-agency collaboration 
  • Flexible Pricing – Licensing via CSP allows you to manage spend dynamically 
  • Continuity – Reduce the risk of ransomware while accelerating disaster recovery and business continuity efforts 

Designed to make it dramatically faster and easier to securely move the contents of your file server to the cloud. 

As a result of our close collaboration with Microsoft, we have been able to deliver a ‘trustworthy’ integration of our innovation management software with their Microsoft Teams application. This means you can share ideas via our software, through Microsoft Teams, in a totally secure and safe environment.

Microsoft SharePoint lets users share and collaborate on data from multiple systems within a single browser-based experience. Interactive graphics make data more meaningful at a glance-and easily shareable across all levels of the organization.

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