Hi there!

We are a team of 17 experts who have been working in IT sector for over 18 years, and have 50 years of collective experience, providing a wide range of services in 7 countries and have previously worked in 13 countries. We have worked with semi-state agencies,  government and public service. Among our clients, currently dealing with several major tech and software companies Healthcare, Hospitality, Insurance, Staffing agencies.

Who We Are

IT Green Solutions is an innovative global IT and BPO services, solutions and provider, in one of the fastest growing industries worldwide.

We are founded by IT Veterans to provide a stable way of working for themselves and being true to their understanding about true customer dedication and technical excellence.

Headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, Czech Republic, Pakistan, and Slovakia, ITGS provides reliable IT Outsourcing services in a variety of high-tech technologies, ranging from Workplace modernization, Web & Software Development, Data migration and Managed IT services.

We operate on a global scale, and work with Small and Medium size companies up to, ranging over a variety of industries, on short and long term contracts.

Why Choose Us

The world of IT is littered with failed projects. The challenges are many: a flawed brief, scope creep, unforeseen issues. Sure lots can, and does, go wrong. So how do you ensure you always deliver?

We believe that fully respecting the client relationship, working together is the touchstone that keeps all on track.

When hearts and minds are committed to developing a trusted, collaborative, relationship towards the same goal, then nothing is allowed to compromise delivery.

We challenge the brief and make sure the plan is sound, we keep every promise, and persist to make sure everything works perfectly. Our total adherence to this principle ensures we always deliver, earn unquestionable trust and forge long-lasting relationships.

Meet Our Team

Asif Saleem

Founder / ceo

Muneeb Ahmed

project coordinator

Alena Jankovic

Project Manager/
web design

Imad Ullah

Technical Lead